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Sales Post

Last Update: Dec 27th, 2014

Rules and Policies!
- Sales permission given to me by denkimouse in 2009
- I prefer paypal above all payment methods!
- I ship from the US. Shipping costs are determined by weight and priced according to usps.com!
- Feel free to haggle!! Really!
- My main collection is Quagsire, so if you're willing to trade any quagsire items I might not have let me know!
- I'll hold stuff! :)
- Payment would be appreciated 24 hours after ordering~ If I don't receive payment after 24 hours I will move on to the next person!
- Feel Free to ask more questions about the items/request more pictures! c:
- My house is also cat friendly, but I tend to keep my pokemon away from them!
- My feedback!

Serperior Pokedoll - $40
Vaporeon Pokecen - $20
Mienfoo Pokedoll MWT - $18
Chespin Pokecen MWT- $15
Jolteon Pokedoll (Velboa), has a loose seam/hole in back of head - $10 (I can also attempt to repair the hole if you so wish! I am certain this plush is not a bootleg because it was purchased through the pokemon center website when it was still running.)
Minun Bowling Pin Plush - $10
Cherubi, Chingling, Vanilluxe - $2

Sylveon Pokedoll MWT - $30
Mewtwo Pokedoll MWT - $40
Velboa Eevee Pokedoll (no hangtag) - $20

Espurr Pokecen Plush, Ho-oh Pokedoll - $15
Umbreon Pokedoll (Velboa) - $20

Sitting Pokecen Vaporeon, Flareon and Umbreon - $20

Sentret Tail Promotion Plush - $20

Custom Breloom Pokedoll (made by meuniere) with custom tag - $30

Umbreon and Vaporeon stuff!!
Mini Puzzles - $12 each
Vaporeon Mini Pokedoll - $16
Umbreon, Vaporeon and Flareon Pokedoll Figures - $20 each
Jakks Umbreon and Vaporeon (Vaporeon has a custom paint job to fix original fin miscolor and eyes! Looks much better this way!) - $20 each
Umbreon figure (came with vaporeon as a pair?? I forget the name of these guys!!) - $20
Umbreon 2013 chupa figure - $15
Umbreon and Vaporeon Figure Straps - $12 each
Umbreon and Vaporeon rubber straps - $12 each

Glossy Vaporeon figure (it came with the Umbreon in the previous photo??? I forgot what they're called!!) - $20
Vaporeon and Umbreon Ippai figures - $20 each
Umbreon Chou Get figure (I have the black base for it as well) - $15
Spoink Pokeblok - $3
Espurr and Meowstic pokedex charms - $5 each
Meowth Pokedoll Charm - Please make offers below!
Little meowth figure is a freebie with any purchase if you'll have him!

Zigzagoon footprint pokedex figure, Suction cup zigzagoon - $4
Blue-Base Zigzagoon - $4 (figure to it's left is the same as the figure on this base, $1 for him!)
Zigzagoon kid figure, Zigzagoon Tomy - $2
Zigzagoon Mighty Bean - $10
Zigzagoon/Linoone Zukan - Please make offers below!
The flats are free with any zigzagoon purchase (the treecko/zigzagoon one has a tear on the back)

Breloom things!
Custom figure by porcupine_paws - $10
Regular kid figures - $2 each
Clear Kid Figure - $8
Footprint pokedex fig - $8
Tomy figure - $6
Jakks Breloom - $10
Stamps - $3 each
Zukan - Please make offers below!

Breloom flats are free with any breloom purchase!

Kangaskhan LOT. I am not willing to break this one up because I'm not confident I could sell everything on it's own, so it's staying as a set. I'm taking offers on it, starting at $30! Which I think is pretty reasonable, it took me a long time to accumulate some of the little figures and flats here and there!

Kyun Chara Meowth and Lucario - $15 each
Vaporeon attack kid figure - $5
All other kid figures pictured here are $2

Larvitar & Pupitar charms - $3 each or $4 for both
Venipede, Whirlipede & Scolipede charms - $4 each or $10 for all three
Mega Can badges - $5 each
Oshawott badge - $1
Eeveelution rubber straps - $10

Pikachu Ippai figures - $3 each
Pokedoll Charm sets - $30 each
Vaporeon with You badge - $5
Glaceon, Mewtwo chupa figures - $3
Eevee rubber strap - $10

Sylveon Clearfiles (small A5 size, not sold in stores but given out as a promotional item!) - $5 each

Meowth Children's book! It's about a Meowth who opens a noodle shop.

Squishy Cyndaquil figure - $10
Small grabby cyndaquil - $8
(all others have been sold)

Celebi, Whismur (x2), Jigglypuff (x3), Hoppip (x2), Skitty (x3), Togepi, Mewtwo - $2

Typhlosion, Larvitar, Furret - $2
Everything pictured is $1!

Everything pictured is $1!

Dragonite DIY model - $20

Flareon wash cloth - $10
Premiere ball - $5
BW Zipper pouch is free with a purchase!

Any of these are free with a purchase! (please ask for availability!)

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